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Remembering Together. The Daffodils Campaign in the Memorial House

On April 19, the Memorial House in Płońsk will take part in the social and educational Daffodils Campaign organized by the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews as part of the commemoration of the 81st anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

👉 At 10.00 a.m., we invite students of primary schools grades 1-3 to a screening of a short animated film made by Hi-Story based on the story “Pamięć drobinek” [“Memory of Particles”] by Zofia Stanecka, which will take us to a fairy-tale world where good spirits live, taking care of the forest and all creatures that inhabit it. One day, one of the young guardians of plants and animals, Maślak, dies in unclear circumstances. His sister, Borówka, sets out to search for him on the wings of the helpful Owl. The fairy tale story introduces children to the themes of empathy, justice and loss. The film screening will be accompanied by workshops inspired by Zofia Stanecka’s short story.

👉 At 1 p.m. we invite students of proimary schools grades 4-6 to a screening of a film based on the story “Było – nie ma – jest” [“There was – there is not – there is”] by Katarzyna Jackowska-Enemuo, directed by Łukasz Kamil Kamiński. The animation talks about the difficult and important topic of experiencing and coping with loss. Together with its heroine, Krysia, we will go on a journey through places and times that were, that are no more, and we want to remember them. The film screening will be accompanied by workshops.

We cordially invite everyone (films and workshops in Polish)

Telephone reservations at: +48 882 872 837

The number of places is limited!

👉On April 19, let’s also wear paper daffodils as a sign that we are #RememberingTogether the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Everyone who visits the Memorial House on this day will also receive such a daffodil.

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