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The exhibition “Glance and recall!”

“Glance and recall”

Permanent exhibition in the Memorial House of the Municipal Cultural Center in Płońsk.

“Glance and recall” are the words that appear on the back of the photo of Chawcia Jakubowicz from Płońsk. The creators of this exhibition decided to make them the guiding words for the exhibition.

This is the starting point of a story built from scraps of memory collected while working on the exhibition and earlier, in the everyday work of documentarians from the Office for the Documentation of the History of the City of Płońsk.

Just like Chawcia writing words on the back of her own photo to someone close to her, we are sending a card to you to direct your attention to a person. On the history of the Jewish community of Płońsk and the surrounding area, on the pre-war diversity of the town, on the personal stories of its residents, but also on the fate of people and their material heritage brutally interrupted by the Holocaust

A portrait photo of Chawcia Jakubowicz from Płońsk with handwritten notes on the back: “Glance and recall” and “Płońsk, dated 25 February 1932. Photo comes from the collection of the Office for the Documentation of the History of the City of Płońsk.

From the scattered pieces we build an image of a world that no longer exists. This is not always a complete picture, and many issues remain to be supplemented. We believe that the contemporary residents of the city, the descendants of the Jews of Płońsk and all those who are close to the history of Płońsk, after seeing the exhibition, will be inspired to conduct their own research and deepen the topics presented here, as well as to take a new look at the urban space. We hope that the exhibition will be a place for meeting and conversation, gathering knowledge, maintaining memory, and in the longer term, it will contribute to filling the narrative with further, previously undiscovered elements of the story.


For many years, the conditions for this have been created by the local government of the city of Płońsk, institutions and people maintaining Polish-Jewish relations and recalling the memory of former inhabitants, including one of the most famous figures from here – David Ben-Gurion – one of the founders and first prime minister of the State of Israel. The Memorial House is a continuation and one of the most important stages of the implementation of this mission.


While walking through the exhibition, we encourage you to look for our visual inspirations woven into the exhibition’s narrative, taken from the works of other famous Płońsk residents: illustrations for Cosmography by astronomer Jan Walery Jędrzejewicz and motifs from the graphic works of artist Józef Budko.


Curatorial text by Agata Korba (SENNA Collective) Coordination and production supervision of the exhibition


Kolektyw SENNA, oprac. koncepcji wystawy stałej “Spójrz – przypomnij”

Bartkiewicz Jan
Bartkiewicz Jerzy
Ben-Artzi Yoel
Bidas Maria
Bojanowski Andrzej
Brzeski Paweł
Chyliński Jan
Cieślewscy – rodzina
Dłabik Elżbieta
Dłużniewski Mariusz
Domański Leszek
Duszczyk Marcin Waldemar
Finkelstein Haim
Kava Albert
Klein Linda
Kleinman Daniel i Soul
Kretkiewicz Zbigniew
Krysicka Celina
Kuligowski Kazimierz
Kuszner Zofia
Lewandowski Henryk
Lotem Ewa
Łoniewscy Marzanna i Piotr
Lutomirska Jadwiga
Maliccy Zofia i Lechosław
Mardzyńska Ewa
Mieszczyńska Irena
Milewska-Gojżewska Alicja
Minkin Salomon
Mirecka Danuta
Mitchell-Pollock Barbara
Olewski Arie
Pierzynowski Artur
Pietrasik Andrzej
Pyziel Elżbieta
Redlich Elżbieta
Rutkowska Maria
Rutkowski Paweł Kordzik
Ryz Anthony i Emmanuel
Sartor Katarzyna
Sikorska Barbara
Smierc Guillermo
Spector Pnina
Stawski Henryk
Sternau Ora
Stopińska Krystyna
Sulikowski Andrzej
Schreiber de Gleiser Evelyn
Szymańska Anna
Świątecka Anatolia
Tishman Doron i Yehuda
Ulmer Kazimierz
Webster Wanda
Weyher Teresa
Zakrzewski Cezary
Zembrzycka Jadwiga

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