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The Municipal Cultural Center in Płońsk is implementing a project co-financed under Measure 6.2 Revitalization of marginalized areas of the Regional Operational Program of the Mazovian Voivodeship for years 2014-2020 entitled: “Memorial House – renovation of a historic tenement house at 2 Warszawska Street in Płońsk for the needs of the museum of the history of two nations coexisting in space of one city for nearly five hundred years”

The aim of the project is to reduce negative social and economic phenomena occurring in the degraded area covered by the municipal revitalization program of Płońsk by giving it new social and economic functions. The renovation of public space in the city center also aims to reduce the feeling of social exclusion among the residents of this area.

The result of the project will be the creation in the tenement house at 2 Warszawska Street in Płońsk of a museum showing the common history of the residents of Płońsk, both Polish and Jewish. Residents will have the opportunity to take advantage of the new cultural and educational offer. The restoration of the historic tenement house and the development of the yard area will also contribute to the economic and social revival of the city center. new jobs will be created, the quality of life of the residents of this area will improve, and interest in this area of ​​the city will increase among other residents, tourists, entrepreneurs and investors.

Total value of the project: PLN 3 345 111,93

Project co-financing: PLN 2 025 611,08, including ERDF funds – PLN 1 688 009,24 and state budget funds: PLN 337 601,84

Project beneficiary: Municipal Cultural Center in Płońsk

Project partner: The Commune of Płońsk

More information about the implementation of the project (in Polish): https://www.mckplonsk.pl/projekty/projekty-biezace/

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