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Temporary exhibition “Houses of Eternity” open from 2 April

On Tuesday, April 2 at 1 p.m. the Płońsk Memorial House and the Nobiscum Foundation invite you to the opening of the temporary exhibition “Houses of Eternity” dedicated to Jewish cemeteries, prepared by the Galicia Jewish Museum.

In many places throughout Poland, Jewish cemeteries or what remains of them are the only visible sign of the centuries-long presence of Jewish communities in a given area. The exhibition “Houses of Eternity” is a reflection on what Jewish cemeteries mean to us today and an attempt to find an answer to the question of what we can learn from them. Its aim is to introduce the topic of Jewish cemeteries to the widest possible audience, help understand how important an element of cultural heritage the preserved Jewish cemeteries are and answer a number of questions related to cemeteries in the context of Jewish history and tradition.

The exhibition will be open to visitors until June 29.

The exhibition is available in Polish and English.

Admission is free.

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