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Hanukkah in the Memorial House

Hanukkah, also called the Festival of Lights, begins this week – one of the most important and joyful holidays in Judaism. Hanukkah commemorates a miracle that occurred in the Jerusalem Temple during the Jewish uprising led by the Maccabee brothers against the Greeks during the reign of Antiochus IV. When the rebels managed to regain Jerusalem and were able to pray and offer sacrifices in the temple again, it turned out that the oil needed for the lamp at the altar was enough for only one day. However, a miracle happened and the lamp burned for the next eight days. To commemorate this miracle, during Hanukkah, for eight consecutive days in Jewish homes, candles are lit on the Hanukkiah – a candlestick with 8 branches. During the holiday, people eat food fried in oil (doughnuts, fritters, potato pancakes) and play dreidel – a four-sided spinning top.

In 2023, Hanukkah starts on December 7 and will continue until December 15.

On December 9 (Saturday) at 1 p.m. we would like to invite you to the Memorial House: we will tell you about Hanukkah, read stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer from his book “The Power of Light”, and children who visit the museum that day will receive chocolate coins and will have a chance to play dreidel!

Participation is free of charge, limited number of places!

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